Need Help Choosing Nvidia or ATI

i cant decide which card i want
HD 6870
GTX 460 1GB
on one side
nvidia has better featurs more stable drivers
and the gtx 460 is an overclock mechine [and if ill get it im gonna push its power to the limit]
or i can get the bit more expensive HD 6870 which is more powerfull but has less stable drivers
can you help me?
or should i wait for the next generetion of graphic cards to come
and can i crossfire bulldozer apu with ati graphics card?
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  1. who said the 6870 has unstable drivers?:

    i would definetely go for the 6870, BTW whats is the spec of the rest of your system?
  2. my spec is
    Core i3 540
    4gb ram kingston ddr3
    ECS h55h m
    im also planning to do crossfire [with upgrading cpu to prevent bottleneck and new MB and ram]
    + im planning on over clocking the graphics card
    and i saw some incredble results with the gtx 460
  3. why not OC that i3-540 if you feel bottlenecking is occuring? :

    and if you can find a cheap LGA1156 processor, why not just upgrade to that?
  4. yes i know
    i already said that im gonna get new mother board [that supports sli/crossfire of course]
    and an bulldozer processor
    i know whats sli and cfx
    and i dont get whats the diffrence bitween H55 and P 55 [excepat that h55 supports intel HD graphics]
    btw when i said im gonna get new MB i meant mother board
  5. the link is a link to a review of the mobo the OP has, with an i3-540, OCed to 4.3~Ghz:
  6. thanks alot!
  7. I think you answered your own question in the first post: If you like overclocking, the GTX 460 is well-known to be an overclocking champ. On the other hand, the 6870 is known to have very little overclocking headroom.

    Another thing that usually doesn't get mentioned when these cards are compared head to head is that the 6870 is actually a pretty noisy card, while the GTX 460's are near silent.
  8. so you think gtx 460 will be more suitable for me?
  9. If you prefer to overclock, the 460 may be better for you. The 6870 does perform better at stock compared to the 460 at stock speed, but you may be able to overclock the 460 to a faster speed than you could get out of the 6870. As said above, the 6870 has little headroom for overclocking, and most models have a locked voltage control which limits things even more, in most cases you can probably only squeeze about an extra 5% performance out of a 6870 when overclocking. A heavily overclocked 460 would probably be a little bit faster than an overclocked 6870, though I'm not sure if the performance difference would be all that significant in most circumstances.
  10. so
    the max i can get out of gtx 460 equal to the max i can get of hd 6870 ?
    and which card runs cooler?
  11. You may be able to get the 460 to go faster than a 6870 ever could, though when it comes to overclocking nothing is certain, the maximum stable clock speed you can get varies from card to card. Even identical cards will vary in how far they can overclock. Temperatures will depend on which cooler any given card uses. The reference coolers tend not to do that great, and tend to be noisy. You'd have to look at temperature benchmarks and reviews of a particular model if you want to know which will run cooler. If comparing the two cards using their reference coolers only, I think the 6870 runs a little bit cooler than the 460.
  12. allright thanks i already orderd my gtx 460
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