The power regulation on the MSI 970a g46 is it bad or something ?

I get all kinds of spikes on the 12v on the board monitor , goes up to 20.9 volts and down to 1.9 volts every 5-15 minutes . Is that normal or does this board have some known problems ? I changed the power supply 3 times , all give the same results , Ultra x=3 600 watt , Antec HCG 620 and an OCZ 700 can't believe the psu is the culprit .
Is this board a pos , I have an asus backup , think I should send this back to MSI ?
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  1. I have read that there are problems with the VRM on that specific board, though I don't have any sources readily available, I would do some googling if I were you.
  2. It's impossible for the VRM output to drop down to 1.9V and normal operation of the computer continue. In other words the problem has to be with the hardware or software that reports the VRM voltage.
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