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I got back into gaming and decided to upgrade my desktop. The graphics card ram and power supply all work fine in other computer and are compatible with new items. I purchased an i5 3550p and asrock z75 pro 3 and new case. ( moving from amd) with everything hooked up all fans and lights appear to be good. I dont get any video or beeps when turning on. I removed all but 1 ram and its closest to cpu. 20 pin and 8 pin as well as gpu connectors are plugged in. I dont have a way of testing the cpu with another motherboard. I have saw several doa comments on newegg regarding this mobo and looking for suggestions.

Graphics card radeon 7770
Psu 630watt which should be plenty

Apologies ahead of time for mistype, using a phone cuz computer not working, thanks in advance
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  1. Take out the GPU and try the onboard graphics if you have a VGA or HDMI cable for your monitor.
  2. The processor doesnt have integrated graphics so i assume that wouldnt work?
  3. Yep. Sorry about that. If all is well in the other computer, looks like you are going to have to RMA the board in hopes that it is faulty.
  4. 1. Have you thoroughly read the MoBo manual and confirmed the step by step procedures ?

    2. Can't speak for AsRock but Asus for example requires that s single RAM module be placed in the 2nd slot from the CPU, at least on their enthusiast level boards. Again this will be clearly indicated in the MoBo manual.

    3. It appears that you have a hard drive from an old AMD based build. Have you formatted the HD or tried booting from the Windows DvD ?

    4. All the builds I have here at my disposal have a diagnostic daughter card or LCD display that displays error codes during bootup. I haven't seen a beep speaker in a build in a very long time. Check the manual for diagnostic LEDs and their meanings.

    5. Use the OSD menu for the monitor to make sure that you have the correct input selected. Just ran into that one when doing a MoBo replacement recently and while machine was down, user had connected it to console using HDMI. When reconnected to PC, it needed to be reset to DVI.

    If all else fails, its a new MoBo, call Tech Support.
  5. Usually in the diagnostics section at the back of the manual it will give you a sequence of troubleshooting options - what should happen and what to do if things don't happen the way they should. If you are not even making it into the BIOS menu then chances are it is a duff motherboard - I've built several computers over the years and even from that small number have had three duff motherboards, one duff hard drive and one set of duff RAM modules so the fact you bought it new is no guarantee it will work.
  6. well good new/ bad news. The one pci slot is bad but the rest seems ok. Atleast the whole mobo isnt doa. Finding this out brings up 2 last questions. I dont plan to cross fire anytime soon so dont see a need really for the other pci unless you guys have some ideas. Also i didnt wipe out windows and it wouldnt boot up. So i reinstalled windows and moved the old windows to oldwindows folder. Is it possible to delete that whole old folder with out correctly reformatting again?
  7. I know you don't want to have to RMA the board and wait for the new one to come back, but you should do it now while it is fresh in your head and while its under warranty.

    You should be able to delete the old windows stuff.
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