New MSI, Win wont reboot. No DVD Rom.

Ok guys so i just got my Z77 G41 MSI mother board and an intel i5 proc.
I got everything in the comp all nice and tidy, but soon realized to my disbelief- the motherboard did not have a spot for my outdated DVD's "Host Interface". I believe it is an IDE, as it does not have a SATA slot as the modern ones do. So without a DVD how can i boot up the disk that came with the motherboard to update drivers? I tried getting the BIOS on a flashdrive and pressing 'delete' on the reboot, opening MSI's configuration menu, and flashing the new BIOS. The flash will continue and finish. Then when trying to start windows it craps out and the BSOD flashes for a second (happens even when i dont flash). I am not to good with computers but what can i do? Do i need a new dvd drive that is compatible with SATA? Is this whats giving the bluescreen of death?

Hope someone can help
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  1. You can download and install the drivers from USB.
    IDE is no longer supported by new hardware so getting a SATA drive is a must if optical is needed
    Your computer will not start with the new motherboard on an old windows install with drivers for your old hardware without repair install.
  2. where do you soppose i download the new drivers? i have downloaded the new ones from MSI's website and used "m-flash" to flash the bios, unfourtently it didnt do anything.
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    To install the drivers you have to boot into windows. The drivers are for windows to run your hardware.
  4. on the mb cd will be the drivers. just go to another pc and move the driver folder to the usb stick. these drivers will get your system up and running but are old. when you get online with your new system. update the driver. to get into windows from a drive that went from an older mb to a newer one. use f8 safe mode. go under device manager and remove everything you can. all pci drivers..the more you can remove the better. also before you do that uninstall the video drivers software.also use msconfig and turn everything off in start up you want windows to be as clean as it can be.
  5. thanks so far... i tried this step by step way of booting from a usb drive--
    everything was good until step 8. When i rebooted it did not come up with DOS mode, and just said remove other devices and media, press anykey to start. Are you saying i should drag all files from cd to usb? if so, what then do i do with that?
  6. sorry, press any key to *REstart
  7. All these steps will only update your BIOS and does not help with windows if you are trying to start from a previous install.
  8. Ok, so when i try to go in safe mode, once again BSOD. I also tried taking all the files from the mb disk and copied them to a flashdrive. I had flash drive as 1st device priority. Once again nothing happen, once again on startup it says "remove other devices and media press any key to restart. This is starting to get fustrating -_-
  9. You can not install the drivers until Windows is up and running. Make a bootable USB windows install stick and do a repair install.
  10. thanks ill try that, im guessing convert the windows disk to one iso file ?
  11. i converted whole window disk into a iso file onto my flashdrive, once again didnt do ***, what am i missing?
  12. im just giving in to buying a DVD drive, will save me sometime here
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