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hey all.
bit of an odd situation here, and knowing my luck it probably has a really straightforward answer but im not exactly a computer genius.
my mother board died on my pc (was a prebuilt HP g5370uk i believe), so i went to PC world to do some pricing up and found an AMD triplecore 450 motherboard 'black bundle', with an ASUS m4a88t-m board and a AMD athlon ii x3 450 cpu. got it all wired in fine and dandy.
my issues came with the software. i salvaged my hard drive, cd drive etc (i already had a radeon HD 5670 from the same comp too) and put all of it in a new case, had to reload windows 7 but that all eventually got sorted. Now, the motherboard apparently has a radeon hd 4250 built in to it, and my comp keeps on getting confused every time i try to load the catalyst drivers because its thinking it has 2 cards. every time i boot up it says that no graphics card was found. when i boot it without my 5670 in it finds the drivers for the 4250, but i dont know what to do to get it working.

anyone have any advice for me? anything would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance
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  1. My first recommendation would be to go to BIOS, and under Integrated hardware/peripherals, and if you see a primary display option, select PCIe, or select Dedicated instead of Integrated. You should be able to disable your Integrated display option and that should let you boot with your 5670 no problem.
  2. thanks for the reply.
    gave that a go, seem to have no luck there. the only thing there that i could find was setting the priority of the internal graphics, so i chose the option with the pci as primary. the same thing popped up on startup.
  3. just checked your mobo specs, and it is hybrid crossfireX capable. Give that a shot? In the ATI catalyst controller, and there should be an option to enable Crossfire option, with Hybrid Crossfire as an option ( that was the case 2 years ago anyhow).
  4. downloadin the catalyst software again now, but last time it wouldnt even load for some reason
    guess ill soon find out (if this download ever goes faster :) )
  5. bit of an update. after rootin around a few forum posts i figured i'd have a peek at the device manager, and apparently it seems to be a problem with the 5670 or at least its drivers. in the device status box it says this: ''Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)''. the only thing i can think is that it has put the 4250s driver where the 5670s should have been, but i truly have no idea whatsoever.
  6. Okay, try this. Remove your existing Catalyst driver, and then turn off your pc. Take out the 5670, and boot again. Reinstall the drivers and it should see 4250. When it asks you yo restart do so, and boot back again. I would say create a restore point at this phase, many people think its not a big system saver but it has helped me in very strange times so i always recommend it. Once done, shut down, and place the card in your PCIe, then restart. The system should detect the card, and then install drivers. At that stage, check your device manager to see what changes are happening, and when windows say found a new hardware, click on that pop up notification to check its progress.
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