Where to buy anotherEVGA GTX 480? Sold out everywhere...

Ive been looking for another EVGA GTX 480 to have in SLI for a few months now but its sold out everywhere (newegg, tiger direct, amazon), even the re-certified versions are sold out.

Can anyone help me find a new EVGA GTX 480 to purchase? They are around 300 bucks now and its just an amazing deal considering if you slightly overclock it its equal to the 580 in performance.
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  1. bump for help
  2. Can anyone help please?
  3. Thank you for the reply but those are grossly overpriced :( 480 was going for around 300 bucks on newegg and tigerdirect before being sold out. Man I really want to SLI :(
  4. They may not be making them anymore , that could be the reason for the over priceing.

  5. they dont make them anymore, so yes its hard to find one. Go to ebay.
  6. THank you for the hep guys. Im currently trying to buy one on ebay, but keep losing to bidding bots :( Man they are so annoying!!! Hopefully I can get one soon before Battlefield 3 is out of beta. It runs good on max, but not constant 60 fps.
  7. Xyos said:
    bump for help

    Xyos said:
    Can anyone help please?

    Don't do that again. :non:

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  8. hope you have a good 900w psu for both of those cards.
  9. iam2thecrowe said:
    hope you have a good 900w psu for both of those cards.

    Technically this PSU I have is 1080W, but 800W continuous. I think it will be ok:


    Its rated for SLI, and has good reviews related to SLI. If not Ill just have to upgrade but I think Im good :)
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