Bent Pin on LGA 1155

Ok, so I finally got my Asus P8Z77-V in the mail and what do you know, there's a single bent pin (luckily not in the middle of a cluster). one of the interior edge pins was bent. So what I did is I grabbed a twist tie, stripped it down to the bare metal for a makeshift awl. Bent the pin back into alignment! Woo!

But here's my concern... If I drop a cpu into this board, how is that (fixed) pin going to come into play? Should I just attempt to see if the board posts? Or should I just swap it out for another one anyway? (video and picture evidence :) )
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  1. Try dropping the CPU in anyway. If your lucky it was just a redundant grounding pin or you managed to fix it.
    If it POST's, perfect, you have nothing to worry about.
    If it doesn't, then you will have to get a replacement under ASUS' or the Retailers warranty service. Make sure to include the photos of the bent pin and some kind of proof that it is you taking them (write your name and date on a piece of paper and have it in the shot or something). If you re-bent the pin back into place, might want to bend it back down, to "show" that you haven't tampered with it.

    There should be instructions in the mobo manual on how to package it in case you have to return the board.
  2. Oh, it's not the return process I'm worried about. Just that the pin won't be under any further undue stress, and snap off in the socket while I'm using it. Of course, I can't get my hands on my processor until the middle of this month. :P
  3. In that case I would RMA it anyway, its not like waiting for the new mobo is going to delay the computer being built.

    Wouldn't think that it would be under any extra stress. The CPU sits very lightly in the socket, using more the edge of the socket to support it than the pins. If you want to keep the pin safe until then I advise putting back in the guard that was in during transport.
  4. Considering you don't have your CPU yet, you shouldn't risk if it'll work or not. I agree with manofchalk, RMA it.
  5. Lol, had tat issue with my maximus iv extreme z today. i just gently used my finger to pop it back in. And when you place the cpu on the board make sure that the pins are touching the cpu. After that it should work
  6. Bench tested the motherboard with my friend's i5 3570K, and I got it to post! Woo! Tested the RAM slots, PCIE slots, and fiddled around with the BIOS. I'll be swinging by a Microcenter tomorrow to grab an i5 for $169.
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