First build on gaming computer around $1000 - $1600

Ive never built a computer before so i dont really know what parts are good and what is bad to build a really good gaming computer. Idk if i want a pre built or build my own sooooo... if someone could send me parts from newegg i want to be able to play any game on it with high settings hopefully.
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  1. I can't really recommend all the parts...but with $1600 you could get a GTX 580. 2500k should also be fine for you could save $100 if you got a 2600k...which is good if you do heavy video editing etc.

    I will say this though, DO NOT buy prebuilt. If you build one yourself, you can save yourself alot of money. It's not hard building yourself.

    GOod luck on your build my friend.
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