New XFX 6870 - Asus P6T - no video


Confused here. Bought a XFX 6870 to replace my Radeon 3870. Installed it - got 1 long 3 short beeps (but windows 7 startup plays ???). RMAd the card, was told the card passed QA but they would send me a new one anyway. Installed it , same issue!!

I have verified both PCI-E connectors work.

I updated BIOS.

I am using my Radeon 3870 which still works.

PSU is a 600w antec green

Worked through Tom's hardware guide for this.

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  1. My mistake.

    I have an Antec EarthWatts EA-500. I am wondering if the PCI-E connectors deliver 75 watts individually as the card requires.
  2. I am convinced the PSU is spec'd and working for this card and therefore not the problem.

    Just to be sure I reset the BIOS, installed the XFX card and tried both DVI outputs, bearing in mind one could be DVI-D as I have one monitor with an adapter.

    Still the same problem. 1 long beep 3 short - with a beep shortly after that.

    I swapped out for the old 3870 and it worked again - typing this on the problematic computer.

    I am completely stumped on this - have heard that Asus utilities can interfere with certain cards - highly unlikely unless its express gate or something.

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