Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS

I've just recently started having problems wih Sound. I have the JBL Creature I, sound system. To the point, just a couple of days ago I bought a new keyboard and didn't know most of the buttons, I ended up putting my computer to sleep and not knowing how to turn it back on. I then manually turned it off by the computer button on the Tower and was a bitch to turn it back on for some reason. Well when I finally got it playing my sound wasn't working, i've reinstalled and uninstalled the "Creative Sb Audigy 2 ZS" driver already and tried different ports on the back of the Tower and still no success.

Did I blow the speakers??? Whenever I turn it up from the main speaker I here the sound out of it just, nothing else such as youtube: main Windows sounds, etc..

If anyone knows the problem please help me fix it.
Thank you
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  1. go to start menu
    go to control panel
    go to sound controls
    check that your playback is correctly set to the Creative

    if that doesnt work then go into BIOS (usually Del or a F key)
    then check in BIOS settings for sound options
    sometimes you have to specify PCI sound or disable onboard sound

    try plugging in Creatures into any device with a 1/8 sound plug like MP3/Ipod/laptop etc and make sure they are still working

    try this out and report back please
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