Won't start up - help please!

I left for work and the computer was running fine. Came home to find case light on, fans running, monitor asleep. Monitor wouldn't wake up. I turned off tower, turned back on...same thing. Fans run, I can hear clicks from the hd but that is as far as it gets - no beeps from the MB either. Nothing on the monitor. I have unpluged everything outside the case, no difference. I removed my Asus card and tried to go to the default on board vid change.

There was no surge detected on my power supply. Everything else pluggin works great. No odd smells from the case, nothing out of the ordinary when I opened it up. Dust is minimal - I had it serviced about 6 months ago.

Any ideas?
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  1. Tried another monitor? Maybe it fried...
  2. Run memtest and see if any errors pop up. Also hearing clicks from the HDD is a pretty bad sign so if you can try hooking up the HDD to another system and see if it's seen in the BIOS.
  3. Sounds like a dead hdd.
    Any hdd light activity from your case?
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    Clicks from a hard drive? How loud? Loud clicks are bad. A nearly inaudible clicking sound can be normal. But that is easy to check. Unplug all of the drives from the motherboard. Now try to boot. If you still cannot, the drives are not your problem. You do not need drives for the initial POST to run.

    No beeps (assuming it used to) means the system is not POSTing.

    Work systematically through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    I mean work through, not just read over it. We spent a lot of time on this. It should find most of the problems.
  5. I appreciate all the quick answers.....when I say clicks I do mean the little normal clicks the hd makes - I didn't mean to imply it was a tap dance sound. I am going to work through the the troubleshooting thread and post my results...hopefully on my machine.
  6. So working through all the fixes, I found the power supply dead. Bought a new one & replaced. Still nothing. Started unplugging things like the board fan - no beeps. Pulled the ram, no change. Capacitors near the processor I see are fat and expanded. MB is blown - thanks for the help.
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