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I baught an AMD 6850 from Diamond multimedia 3 days ago from NCIX, and since then I have been getting a myriad of problems from installing the card. I solved most of them, but right now an annoying problem that I really have no idea how to fix. For soem reason, even though I can play games like crysis with everything maxed out, this is happening to my desktop :

Also, when I move a window around the desktop, it makes the icons disapear and reapear.

I have tried the latest set of drivers from ATI, and then I tried a 2 month older version to see if it changed anything. It did not.

Brief overview of my system :

- Core 2 duo 6600
- P5B-E Asus motherboard
- 600 W psu
- 4 gig ddr2
- AMD 6850 HD gfx card

Any help would greatly be appreciated! thanks!
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  1. try reinstall the driver but make sure you did clean install. can you be more precise with your PSU brand and model? btw you should get windows 7 64 bit plus you won't be able to max out crysis in windows xp :).
  2. yeah, the card runs better when it has access to DX11 :) ive heard running a Dx11 card in DX9 will hurt its performance a bit :P

    as for the graphical errors, not sure, im leaning to a driver issue :)
  3. thank you for the quick reply!

    My psu is from OCZ technology, GameXStream, 600 W.

    And yeah I'm definitely thinking about upgrading my operating system soon, but in the mean time, a clean install would be.. ? basically running driver sweeper to make sure no drivers are left and then just executing the driver application I downloaded from AMD'd website?
  4. yup. that's right
  5. SO,

    I have just clean installed Windows 7 on my pc.

    I then went ahead and got ATI to auto detect my settings and install the proper drivers.

    However I am STILL getting the same problem as in the screenshot above! the redraw rate of the windows is faulty!!

    I called AMD and they said that I should download the chipset drivers before installing AMD drivers, however on microsoft's site they said that my motherboard (Asus P5B-E) works properly on Windows 7 without any additionnal software. Not only that but Asus 's site does not offer drivers to download for windows 7...

    I am hoping this is not a hardware issue..

    Again here are the hardware specs :
    - core 2 duo E6600 @ 2.4 ghx OVERCLOCKED at 3.06ghz (Not sure if this is what is causing problems? the overclocking?)
    - AMD Radeon 6850 HD
    - OCZ technology GameXStream Power supply 600 W
    - 4gig corsair ddr2
    - Asus P5B-E motherboard

    Any additionnal help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. what are your temps?

    Edit: also does it do this without the video card active (im pretty sure you can change this in the bios, if not you might have to take it out)
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