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Hey guys. I'm almost done planning my new build, but I'm just not sure on the motherboard. Should I get a Big Bang Z77 Mpower by MSI or a Z77 OC Formula by ASRock? They're the same in price ($10 difference) and the ASRock one is an E-ATX board, but that's OK since I have a HAF X. I will run 2 cards SLI or Crossfire (don't know if 670 or 7970, help on this would be nice too).
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  1. I'd recommend this one
    It has all you need, thunderbolt and HDMI and all those cool stuff for a low price, those $200+ are basically a waste because what they have are just useless features that im pretty sure a gamer like you wont even touch, in my case i wouldn't bother with it lol...
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