I have dsl hooked up to my computer have another computer but cant hook it up my

i have dsl only 1 modem.my daughter has a small laptop but we can't hook it up to the internet unless we have a router.can you please tell me what kind of router that i should be looking to buy?
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  1. Any wireless router will work.
  2. If your computer has a second network adapter, it's probably possible to share your internet access using ICS. At least as a temporary measure until you get a router.

    As far as routers, any wireless router will do. For the average consumer, all you really need is a decent $20-30 wireless N router (wireless G would work as well, but wireless N is becoming the new standard, so might as well jump on board), with 4x 10/100mbps switched ports (for your wired devices). Nothing fancy.

    Trendnet TEW-652BRP Wireless N Home Router - $20 + shipping ($2.68 for me)


    Very inexpensive for a dual stream (2 x 150) wireless N router. Seems to have decent reviews on Amazon and Newegg too.
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