Would 8GB Ram be an upgrade for Battlefield 3?

So I'm playing battlefield 3 with pretty good fps on High Settings, with this build:

AMD Phenom X6 1055t 6 cores @ 2.8 Ghz
MSI Hawk GTX 460 1GB (I can OC)
4GB Ram 1600 mhz

Someone told me that since battlefield 3 runs on a browser for the server browsing and then the game itself plus windows uses like half my ram, would upgrading to 8gb help noticeably with fps or ocing my card? In terms of small studders that I usually have.

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  1. No. Not likely.
  2. No only a stronger graphics cards will help with that game as it is very gpu heavy.
  3. I figured, thanks guys.

    What's the budget card for bf3? Like how the gtx 460 was sort of the budget card for bfbc2 since it could ru it maxed and wasn't sooo pricey?
  4. 6950/gtx560ti
  5. Thanks.
  6. Yeah seems like nvidia has the edge on these nnewer games.

    Would ocing my card do much? I have the Mai afterburner program that came with the card which i haven't used.
  7. I have a 560 (non ti version) and it can handle nice graphics, but it's nothing amaznig on bf3. I'd be more likely to buy a 570 now, but I'm for sure going to wait until the 7000 series comes out, then I'll be buying a new card.
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