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Hello. All of sudden my Windows 8 box with Asrock Z77Extreme4 board, BIOS 2.0, has stopped displaying any POST information. There is also no OEM screen or option to enter the BIOS.

The first thing that appears is the Windows 8 login. The computer has been working fine for months, but just started acting this way.

I updated my Radeon 4800 HD Pcie graphics card drivers to the latest, Windows 8 versions. It didn't make any change.

I do remember that I updated the chipset drivers from Asrock. Could that be it?

I see lots of postings about no POST, no display, but that's not my problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. On startup press the del key anyway and see if you can get in BIOS. MIght be a setting there disabling showing post.
  2. it may be in the bios that somone set the onboard gpu to be the first video device. if they did the onboard video going to show the bios scree nthen switxh at windows boot to the video port that the monitor plugged into. the other issues could be someone turned on quick or fast with windows 8 fast booting you cant get the mb to show you that you hit the del key. my msi g45 mb with there new bios and windows 8 had to make a boot to bios software because windows 8 fast booting. you may have to install windows bios control program.
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    Like smorizio mentioned, it could be related to Fast Boot or Ultra Fast Boot. With Ultra Fast Boot you cannot enter UEFI setup in the normal way and you will not see any POSt screen.

    In that case you need the "Restart to UEFI" utility to get into UEFI setup, where you can change the setting for Fast Boot. You can download the utility here:

    Or use clearCMOS to reset UEFI o default values.
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  5. It turns out that none of the suggestions worked except for the last one of clearing the CMOS. Switching a video cable to the onboard video resulted in nothing and the Restart to UEFI utility from ASROCK did nothing.

    Thanks to everyone for helping me solve this.
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