Building a Gaming computer (Need Suggestions)

Hello, I am building a new gaming computer in a few month's and I will post links on everything, But my budget is around $1600-$1700 before rebates and I want a computer that will last me ATLEAST a year and will run games in high settings right now.


GTX 570| $339.99


16GB DDR3 RAM|$84.99

Asus 1080p monitor|$219.99

Seagate Barracuda 1TB|$149.99

1000w Cooler Master|$199.99

Windows 7|$99.99

Cooler Master HAF 932 Case| Already paid for it

Samsung Blu-Ray Drive| $63.99

The Main thing here is I would like to get a gtx 580 instead of the gtx 570 so if anyone can find a way for me to save some money by cutting things down or recommending me a better item for cheaper I would be happy... I will most likely only get 8gb of ram since it will save me $20 plus I head 16gb is overkill... Please link me to the item that you think I can get better price on and be sure it is not some piece of crap with bad reviews because I am not that desperate to save some money. Also I purchased the case a day or two ago so I dropped my budget down to $1700

Please help if you can... And make sure you are using newegg*
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  1. You can wait a few months since you don't intend to build right away. That right there saves you when you purchase. AMD might pull out something decent with their quad core line up but I doubt it. New GPU's will probably be out after XMAS so that is something to wait for too.

    With $1,700 left you really should wait for those new cards
  2. Alright, I did not think about graphic's cards dropping in price, Thanks for your tip
  3. No prob man

    Also, unless you're running some REAL liquid cooling setup you won't need 1000W. Slash that off and go for 750W as two 570's can run on that as long as its not some sorry PSU. That right there probably saved you $50 and I would also wait for the insane price of HDD to go down. Its crazy. You mine as well get an SSD instead, seriously
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