Anyone want to start making the list of Psu's to stay away from?

Since proximon hasn't started a list yet, lets make one! So then he can add all of the bad psu's that we put here into the sticky!

Brands to stay away from:
Cooler Master (especially the gx series)

Specific Power supplies: This is where you guys will help put links/post.
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  1. Raidmax and Coolermaster make some very good psu's, as well as some very bad psu's, like most companies. In fact Raidmax even has some Platinum rated psu's and Coolermaster has several Gold rated psu's. But the fact is, they don't even make psu's.

    You can't just say a company branded power supply is junk without listing an exact model. Very few companies make their own power supplies and most companies like Antec and Corsair have several companies that make their power supplies line-ups, depends on the model.

    You can't just make a generic list unless your using specific model numbers, and in that case, the companies your listing aren't even the makers of the unit. So this post makes absolutely no sense.,2729.html

    A simple motto is if it's not at LEAST 80+ rated and backed by at LEAST a 3yr warranty, don't buy it. If it's bronze rated and up and has a 5-7yr warranty, it's even better.
  2. In all honesty I think it would be a better idea to list of ones to go for rather than avoid.

    Alot of "ones to avoid" will tend to be ones which people dont trust or have had a bad experience with. My last PSU was OCZ modxstreme 700watt which personally I had very good experiences with it (until water went in it, durp) yet it seems to get poor rep.

    For me however I really just believe that un-branded or poorly branded PSU's aswell as anything that isnt 80+ should just be shunned out all together.

    As a recommendation of what is good XFX and corsair crop up frequently and I cant say ive seen many bad reviews.
  3. imo, 'brands' to stay away from:
    cm lower end e.g. extreme power plus
    thermaltake - very inconsistent quality, intentionally confusing model numbering etc
    most of the psus that come with bundled with the case e.g. zebronics and diablotek
  4. Thermaltake - beautiful packaging, but the quality of components is very poor.
    Just take a look at inductors they are using.
    It seems like curved handmade braiding and as a result whistling of inductors.
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