I have a pair of DWL 2100APs linked to extend wireless signal from a 2Wire router.
Works fine in open mode (the limit of my expetise), but now I have need to secure the signal. I need help with just a basic securing, the 2 wire is secured, but I can't understand the DLINK manual for setting encryption. I have tried to follow the manual instructions, but wind up resetting defaults and leaving it open. Is there a sample for what to enter during the process, or can you just tell me what to do? Thanks, Billie
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  1. How exactly have you bridged these APs? I see over a dozen wireless mode listed in the manual, from WDS to AP Repeater, and everything in between. Let’s narrow the field a bit to make things simpler.

    I’m also concerned your only wireless security option may be WEP, which is not worth much anyway (only marginally better than Open).
  2. Eibgrad,
    Thanks for the reply. I set them up as "WDS with AP". Looks to me like could use alternatves to WEP if that is no good, but I am just lost at this point. Thanks, MzBillie
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