New mobo wont start

I have bought an Asus P8Z77-V LX with i5-3570K and 8gb of Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 (2 sticks of 4gb).
The psu is existing (OCZ500MXSP 500w) and i plan to use the existing graphics (Radeon HD5850). I have not installed the graphics at this point as wanted to check everything else was ok first.
However, after installing the new mobo etc i am getting no power and it will not boot, and no fans even attempt at spinning up. I have double, triple and checked again all connections. There is a power led on the mobo that lights up but absolutely nothing else....

What could this be?
Any ideas will be gratefully received as spent hours on this now. I think may be a dead mobo but how could I check? (I don’t have another system to swap bits with). The instructions say you need a min of 450w so I’m sure the psu I have must be good enough to at least load into windows or the cpu fan to spin up.

Thanks for any help....
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  1. Hi, Try firstly checking the power supply: (connect also a fan to the PSU molex).
    If the fans do spin, try taking the board outside the case and testing it with only CPU and CPU fan installed.
  2. Hi alexoiu
    Thanks for that. I tried that tip and the case fan and psu spun up, so presumably that means the motherboard is doa?

    I have tried connecting up similar to how you suggest with only cpu and its fan installed, but nothing (i left it in the case but used a flat screwdriver to bridge power switch on the header pins - again nothing happens apart from the green led).

    Incidentally i don't have an internal speaker to hear for any beeps. I've searched through the asus site and they recommend connecting one to diagnose this sort of issue - any ideas on improvising one? I can only find them to buy on ebay and not locally.

    Thanks again
  3. Before RMA-ing the board, try testing it though outside the case.
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