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The processor says its running at 800 mhz and the multiplier is x4. Is it supposed to be like that? Sometimes it'll change to 2900 mhz and the multiplier would be x14. I just recently formatted my drive and installed win 7. When I was on my xp, it stayed on 2900 mhz the whole time. Is something wrong??

Here is a screen shot of cpuid.

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    you probably have cool 'n' quiet, or whatever amd calls it, enabled. i'd recomend u either disable the feature in bios and cpu-z again, or run some programs and see if it moves.

    if you find thats what was going on; a lot of people will say to re-enable cnq for various reasons. im personally opposed to the feature as i find that frequently it takes longer than i want it to to adjust freq. when its needed.

    edit: i just read your entire post. cool'n'quiet is absolutely the culprit
  2. I never mess with my bios though. I'm thinking its the AMD Vision control center thingy. It says my CPU speeds is between 800-2900 mhz and my power plan is on balance. I never seen this before .
  3. it would be enabled by default.
  4. My neighbors Athlon was stuck at 1GHz even when under load, i disabled Cool N Quiet and it ran at full speed again. I'd just disable it
  5. Weird, i found it in bios and I disabled it. I never had to touch it until now. I read it and it said something about if I do something it would automatically disable the cool N quiet so I guess in the past I did something to trigger that. o.o Anyways thank you guys.
  6. You should keep it on, it saves power when you are not using the system or doing light tasks. But when it reaches a heavier task it will jump to 2.9ghz.
  7. eh this is on my desktop so it's no biggie.
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