New GTX 460- images and WoW looked painted

Hello, I just got a gtx460 the other day and a HDMI cable for my TV.

My card:

My TV:

My HP computer (600w power supply):

My problem is a lot of things looked painted or fake. My images on google, face book, computer folder images. Yet, every word is crisp as can be. My desktop icons are perfect! But images of words are pixelated. [on this site, lowering my eyes, the words "preview" and "submit," i can see that their edges are bumpy, like i can see the edge pixels.] In WoW my skills look blurry and painted- my 1, 2, on options. My quest words arent crisp or sharp.

Also everything has like a white backdrop or shadow? Looking down, bottom left of firefox, my black word "done" has little white lines or specs under it for each letter. When i put my mouse over the red part above this entry, my pointer has a black shadow.

My resolution is the native one with Nvidia Control Panel: under HD, SD im on 1080p, 1920x1080 at 60hz 32bit color. I am on windows vista 64 bit. I am using hdmi not vga or dvi.

I am not sure if my hdmi cable is bad, my card cant handle the resolution, i need to switch to a pc resolution instead of HD, SD, do i need to change hue or something? Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance,
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  2. i switched from hdmi to vga and it fixed everything. maybe i need to sell this tv? go back to gaming on a LCD monitor or maybe a new LED monitor? idk if the gtx460 can handle a 32 size screen with hdmi

    or i could have a faulty hdmi cord? it is refurbished
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