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Hey everyone,

I just joined Tom's Hardware and I really want to build my own computer. This will be my first build. I want to use it for word processing for school as well as a bit of video rendering. I have been using programs like sony vegas. Here are some of the parts that i chose:

1. Case

Apex computer case:

2. Motherboard:

Gigabyte motherboard:

3. Video Card:

Gigabyte video card:

4. Power Supply:

Diablotek Power supply:

5. Processor:

AMD Athalon Processor:

6. Storage:

Seagate Hard Drive:

7. CD Drive

CD Drive:

8. OS
Windows 7 OS:

9. RAM

Patriot RAM:

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me regarding compatibility and your opinions of the parts.

Thank you.
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  1. I should also say that I am on a bit of a budget too.
  2. This topic has been moved from the section CPU & Components to section Systems by Jimmysmitty

    You had this in the wrong section. I moved it to a better section for your purpose.

    As for your question, the case and PSU are very cheap. The case you can get away with if you don't mind the flimsy kind, it will probably be very flimsy but as for the PSU, you never want to cheap out on one. Having a cheap PSU could mean a lot more going wrong such as it can easily take out other components when it dies. I would put a bit more money into one, maybe the 430W Corsair builder series for decent quality.

    As for your uses of it, everything else is fine but the CPU may be a little weak. If you have a budget, let us know the price and maybe we can help you out with a much better system for your price and needs.
  3. I suggest trying to get a 555 if you can, athlons are quite out dated now. Get a better psu, you don't want it blowing up after one week.
    Is a lot better deal on a harddrive
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