1st Computer BUiLd and need some advice. Help a NOOB :)

Hey, So I'm finally joining the crowd and building my first computer (yay!)
A lot of sites reccomend this forum and said you were helpful for advice so here I am here is what 
I was planning.

Time-Frame, few months no hurry

Budget, no more than whats up here...

Country: Australia

Case: Thermaltake RX-1 Overseer Full Tower (Purchased already)

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 WS Revolution

Processor: i7 2600k (want to OC to 4.0 GHz)

Ram, 4 x 4g G.Skil Ripjaws Memory Kit

Graphics, 2x AFX Radeon 6790

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hypo 212 EVO

Power Supply : No idea a calculator said ( with a lot of future upgrades) around 750 watts, personally I would like a modular one, due to this being my first build so that I can cable manage better.

Moniter, My HD Tv 1980 x 1024

DVD-+RV: Cheapest one possible.

Hard Drive: 1TB seagate 7200 RPM

A Wireless reciever (internet, PCI) : Parents said I need one, because they wont let me run ethernet cables around the house.

This computer would be used for, Schoolwork, Gaming!!!, and Music editing.

So any reccomendations or changes, suggested upgrades downgrades and are all theese parts compatible and would any bottlenecks occur?
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  1. A good DVD drive that gets the job done for $20 would be this ASUS DVD Burner and for the Power Supply, I'd say go with this Seasonic 750 Watt PSU.
  2. Thanks, for the advice. Ill more then likey go for that DVD drive. so far that power supply is looking good
  3. Lowlyworm said:
    Thanks, for the advice. Ill more then likey go for that DVD drive. so far that power supply is looking good

    If your looking for a much cheaper option, OCZ makes pretty decent power supplies. The reviews look pretty good for this $55 one, however it's only that price for today, since it's a cyber monday deal./: Best of luck with your build!
  4. indeed, I just bought an OCZ 750W and am happy with it so far. Dead quiet, and voltages are all pretty close to where they should be (no PS is perfect in this respect). Recently found out that OCZ owns PC Power and Cooling which makes the best power supplies, but the OCZ brand supplies are a bit cheaper. But something in the 750-800W range sounds correct for this type of build.

    The i7 is likely overkill for the system. Schoolwork and games will not take advantage of the hyperthreading on the i7, and while audio editing will (depending on the program used of course) it can also easily be done on an i5 with minimal differences in rendering time. The i7 really shines when it comes to video, 3D work, and other heavily threaded applications. If you can afford it, that is fine, but if you wanted to trim a little fat off the budget then the i5 may make you a little happier.

    Also 16GB of ram (while nice to have for video) is overkill for most audio projects. The largest audio project I have in Audition only takes ~2GB, and that is with a bunch of stuff going on. If gaming is your priority, then stick with 8GB with an option to add an extra 8GB later if you find that you really need it. Again, if you can afford it, then it is fine, but if you want to trim a little then this is a place to do it. And while there is no pratical difference between 1333 and 1600 I would go for the 1600 if you intend on a decent OC, otherwise just go with 1333.

    Lastly, keep the 1TB drive for data use, but add an SSD for your system drive. It really unleashes the potential of your computer and makes program load times just disappear. Even a little 80GB drive for windows, office, and a few other commonly used programs would add a little joy to your life. Then use the 1TB drive for large/temperary programs like games, and to store your documents and files.

    Good luck with the build!
  5. Oh! also, get a USB wireless N adapter so you can remove it easily down the line when you get your own place and can run wired. Besides, those USB adapters are handy when troubbleshooting a friend's PC later. lol

    And be sure to plut it into the front of the PC, or have a USB extension to plug into to get the reciever out from behind the desk/ratsnest.
  6. Thank you for the advice, I'll take that into cinsideration the OCZ power supply if cheaperr looks good, but you are recomending a 800watt power supply?
  7. If you are looking a few months out, new GPU's will be out in January, and CPU's in April.
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