Sound issue using GTX590 for surround sound.

righto cant seem to get anywhere with this. here's the setup, 7.1 receiver to HDTV via optical. HDTV is a Series 8 Samsung 3DPlasma. HDTV to PC Via HDMI. PC has the Auzentek HDTheatre 7.1 HDMI soundcard and a GTX590. I've been using dvi to hdmi conversion from vid card to sound card, then sound card to tv via the single HDMI cable.

now at 1st this setup was great. got all my sound nice and crisp, no issues. then now i want to start watching 3d blurays from my PC, now since the soundcard only supports HDMI 1.3a i cant get the 3D signal across. So I looked into using the vid cards audio throughput function with the and get the audio and video just from the gtx590. I thought it would just throw the raw signal across the HDMI into the HDTV/receiver to do the dolby digital decoding to produce my surround sound. However i can only seem to get a stereo signal across. Surly this can't be normal. An updated version of my soundcard with 1.4 HDMI would solve everything, but theres none out yet. An i know alot of people will just just use spdif from my soundcard to the receiver. But that means changing channel on the TV and matching it on the receiver when ever i want to change devices, and that gets annoying. And the cheaper/easier option would be to just buy a 3d bluray player.... but i like my puter :(

surely i cant be the only one that wants a setup like this? lol
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  1. Your setup sounds unique. Not saying that our situations are the same, but from what I understand is that Optical Out is only sent out in Stereo format, and that the Receiver converts that signal into a 7.1 signal. When I watch my Blurays, I have no issues with being able to notice that it is in full surround with bullets zipping by, tron bikes blowing the roof off. I would try getting one of those 7.1 test files and see if your receiver is converting the optical signal it is receiving. Sorry if that doesnt help, just sharing my experience with 7.1 on a computer.
  2. ...I am confused on your setup right now...a receiver AND a HTHD? Using optical when you have plenty of HDMI options? I'm just having trouble visualising what you are trying to do...
  3. using the receiver simply as a sound source not at the hub to all my stuff. the TV is the hub
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