Why is my monitor not getting a signal gtx 550 ti

i just installed my geforce gtx 550 ti and now my monitor is not getting any signal. i tried HTMI cable and my other monitor with a standered cable. My original video card was an intergrated ati radeon gt 3200. system= quad core 6hg processer 64 bit. im pretty amature at this stuff, but the new card is installed (physically perfect i triple checked it, and i followed the directions to the letter. any ideas?
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  1. i have exactly the same problem. Has me completely baffled as i've done everything right.
    Anyone have a solution? I was thinking it might be the psu. Mine is 620 combined wattage but you would think thats more than enough right?
    Would love to hear replies :-)
  2. 1. Plugged the 6 pin Power Cable in ?
    2. Turned off on board GFX ?
    3. Used the monitor's on screen display to select proper input ?
  3. Quote:
    Stupid Question: You did plug the cable into the card rite?

    What PSU do u have? what are the wattages and currents ?

    i did plug it in, and here is my psu
    i was told it would handle the GTX 550 ti by the vendor i bought the card from, after i asked about the 400w min requirement. was that just BS?

    1. yes it was plugged in
    2. yup my PCs normal GFX card was off and drivers removed
    3. and i cant access anything on the monitor after installation, but pre installation i set it to default.

    The screen never says no signal, just goes straight to sleep mode.
    should i replace my PSU? and could that cause my monitor to receive no signal? and if i replace it, what would be the best option?

    thx for assist yall, im lost here and i dont have much time until im deployed again.
  4. and if i need to replace my psu, which i think might be my problem after reading other articles, would this work?
    for my http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133383 gfx card?
  5. reset the bios and have used every driver known to man, called the support line for pny and they told me(as of 30 mins ago) it was my PSU. soo ya, before i buy a new one to try it out, any other ideas?
  6. Quote:
    It's not ur PSU, IMO, I've seen people run HD6850s on them,
    Try the card on another PC to double check that, or the PSU

    Do not think that is a problem with your drivers, your monitor, well-tested connections, that your BIOS is not updated, your motherboard (motherboard, motherboard ..) is not compatible, your port PCI Express 1.1/2.0/2.1 is NO, the problem is that this card, not the brand, inexplicably in some equipment does not work, and much to look at Google, you will not find the solution,
    or explanation, because there is only one, back to the store (the store tested the ASUS motherboard and it worked .. confusing). and get another model that is not an Nvidia GTX550, even from another manufacturer, because it will give the same error.
    Replaceable and I finish taking a Zotac GTX560 it works perfectly. If you have the same problem, do not waste any more time, and return it before it's too late.
  7. I see this post is a little old, but this might help someone else reading it. Here's two possibilities it might be.

    1. Your still plugging your monitor cable into the old on-board video card. Make sure your monitor cable is plugged into the new card.

    2. Your BIOS is set up to use the on-board video card before the new one. Make sure your BIOS is selecting PCIe graphics cards first, then press F10 to save changes and reboot.
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