HAF 932 Advanced vs HAF X

Pros and Cons of both?
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  1. Both have good airflow hence bing called the HAF series, the pros are by and large shared, good build quality, tooless environment easy clip and go, copious options for fan setups and full towers.

    The HAF X is great if you are considering a custom loop water cooling solution, supports 2x Dual radiator or a Triple slot radiator if you want to consider superior watercooling options.

    Cons: Both are ugly and rugged if that is a con.
  2. i have a 932 advanced, i liked the big fan on the side panel for cooling my gpu and the case its a little bit smaller, it just fitted in my desk :P

    They are both good cases, they perform about the same,i think its more about the looks.
  3. HAF-X is still in my Top 5, 932 has dropped out.... My main knock is the flimsy feel to the tool less features. I had more trouble with them on the 932 than on the HAF-X but couldn't tell you if it was the result of any design improvements or just got lucky.

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  4. As everyone's basically said, the 932 is a little bit smaller, but don't be mistaken; it's still big enough for most people's use (even with watercooling). Also, I have found that its side-fan has been useful, as opposed to the HAF X's window. Also, the HAF X takes you to a slightly higher price-point where there are other cases you can consider. The Xigmatek Elysium used to be about the same price as the X and offers a bit better cooling options (plus an interesting featrue of a 120mm fan slot one the door behind the CPU. Then there is also the Thermaltake Thor, which is less expensive than the 932 at the moment.

    I guess the general point is that when it comes to full-towers, most have comparable cooling performance. It becoems a matter of how much you want to pay, and what aesthetics suit your taste.
  5. If you ever want internal triple slot radiators with expansion for more, should you consider using water cooling then the HAF X is the way to go, probably the biggest case out and has a ton of expansion features. Alternatively look at the Corsair 800D or even the Coolermaster Cosmos II
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