Will a MSI N580GTX lightning Xtreme edition be able to run bf3 max

will a MSI N580GTX lightning Xtreme edition be able to run bf3 on max settings?
MY processor is an intel i5 2500 3.3ghz will this impact on the performance of the card?
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  1. You should be able to run the game on max settings and the cpu will not get in the way.
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    Welcome to the forum,
    you're CPU is as strong as to handle 2 580s SLI
    here are the benchmarks for BF3 from nVidia, the GTX 580 maxed it out @ 60 FPS
  3. Yes, I run two of them.

    My CPU i i7 2600K running at 4.2 gig oc

    The MSI LXE cards have been carefully overclocked to 950/1900/2200 and phys X assigned to the second card.

    Running in performance mode via Nvidia control panel using Beta 285 software yielded a Afterburner Log of 2.1 Gig max used memory per card for a total of 4.2 during the game.

    Frames is unknown as I have the temp monitor on instead. However BF3 Beta should give you alt/shift+3 for Frame rate .. I THINK...

    Alpha and Beta going, now Retail soon. I hope to replace my DSL for 10 up/ 10 down Mbit fiber optic in the near future.

    I also jammed a old Antec 900 fat boy 200 mm fan set on high between the hotswap drive cages/Power cable cage and resulted in the lower card being cooled down to 27 C idle and 35 C gaming while the top card shows 33 C idle and 57 C gaming.

    You will lose the PCI e slot between the cards. The fans are just too big.

    I am half tempted to hack together in a Metal shop a box for both the cards with fans and run a cable back to the PCIe slots ala ribbion style and keep them outside of the case.
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  5. Beware of the 6990 Crossfire drifters. Those players will edge the LXE users out a little.

    During beta I logged about 2.4 gig of 3 used on each card in some of the hottest fights. I simply established a very aggressive fan profile to stay on top of the heat. That means about 4.5 of 6 availible SLI video ram was consumed often.

    One way MSI could improve the LXE is to use Copper all the way through, the fins and all. Not just the pipes.
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