VNC without end user knowing?

I have realvnc and ive set it up so i can connect my desktop and my laptop together and view one of the other and vice versa. The only problem with this is that it works as a remote and if i do something on my desktop the laptop knows what im doing. Is there a way i can set up realvnc in a hidden mode or something were the end user cant see me messing with my computer?
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  1. You're saying that the computer you've VNC'd into, the end user can see your screen too?

    You'll have to dig through settings if that is the case. I haven't used realvnc but I've used uvnc/ultravnc. Plenty of VNC applications out there to try if one doesn't work for you.
  2. I'm fairly certain that most VNC applications have a blackout capability for this very purpose. You'll have to enable it on the server first before using it client-side. Have a look through the settings on the server and see if there is an option to "allow screen blackout" or something of that sort. Be weary though, my machine experienced video driver crashes when blacked out (or afterwards).
  3. No i meant my movement on the pc thats viewing the other pc are noticed by the other pc. But ill give what you said a try. thanks
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