Razer DeathAdder macro stuck in continuous loop?

I couldn't find a "Peripherals" forum but I have a programmable button on my gaming mouse and It is assigned a macro: "Press 1 + Release 1" and sometimes my mouse gets stuck in a continous loop where it continually types 11111111111111111111111111 and it doesn't release, why is this? I've updated my drivers. It happens atleast once a day while I am playing World of Warcraft. Today It actually caused an immense buzzing sound through my Z506 speakers, the display went colourful and zig-zaggy and finally it entered the blue screen of death.

PC Specs:

GPU: Radeon HD 6870 1GB
Mouse: Razer DA v2
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  1. Can you wipe the firmware of the mouse and redo the macro? If not, contact Razer's warranty department ASAP.

    I actually had 2 Razer mice corrupt their firmware and render them completely useless. Happened within 30 minutes of each other too. Went with a Cyborg RAT instead.
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