Impossible temps in bios and unbootable windows 7

Hey guys,

just bought me a new ASRock z77 Extreme 4 and a 2600k to go with it, replacing my old gigabyte and fx 4170

after installation, i attempted to boot up as normal and got a blue screen halfway through the animation of the windows logo

at first, the mobo wasn't detecting my ocz ssd with windows 7, i changed around my sata plugins and it was detected, but ran into the same problem

I'm having some small issues trying to repair that installation, I'm trying to integrate my new mobo's drivers in hopes of getting a startup, but I'm pretty lost honestly, so I'm probably going to just completely write over that installation.

HOWEVER, the scariest thing i found was my cpu temp in the bios, it said 95 CELSIUS even though its running at the extremely low frequency of 800 mhz which baffles me as i thought the 2600k came out of the box @ 3.4 ghz

it could be some kind of under clock/voltage function from the mobo, but that doesn't explain the insane temp reading!!

all advice is appreciated
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  1. BSOD! Do not expect an Intel system to run on Windows with AMD drivers installed. Re install windows.
    Temp check your cooler install there is something wrong, you removed plastic from the thermal pad? Pins properly inserted into the motherboard?
  2. the cpu cooler not down all the way make sure the intel plastic legs are fully pushed in. if you have a local computer store pick up a evo 212 or clone heat sink.the ones with the back plate work a lot better then the intel ones. with a new mb make sure the bios is up to date. you can use a usb stick to put the newest bios on it and use the mb bios flash tool to update it. in the bios make sure you turn on xmp profile. when you boot from a ssd or hard ddrive with data use f8 safe mode and remove all the old board.sound..every device in windows system. also use msconfig and turn off everything in start up. the more you can make windows clean or blank for the first time the better it is for you to boot into windows normal mode.
  3. well, intel's amazing push pin technology just broke, the 2 plastic extensors around a pin just split outwards, piece of #!@$...

    i pulled it off my cpu and found that it never even touched, and i promise that i pushed so hard that i nearly broke my mobo in half, then twisted the notches so theres no excuse. A pin must have been misshapen to begin with.

    originally i was going to use my zalman 9500a but apparently i didn't wait long enough to get support for the 1155 socket AND new egg discontinued that bracket so god help me...

    looks like me and my desktop are out of commission for a few days/weeks :(((

    im gonna give intel's customer support a hell of a monday!!

    (probably best that i just go straight to zalman support instead)
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