Cpu clock keeps changing

For the past 3 hours my system has been running REALLY slow but i ignored it because i had i 12 programs all running at once. But when i restarted my computer and i had no more programs running it still runs pretty slow.

I looked at CPU-Z and my cpu clock jumps from 900mhz to 3.8ghz every 3-4 seconds. Same as the voltage, it will jump from 1.000v to 1.4000v. And the multiplier will jump from 4x to 16x.
I dont quite understand why its doing this... i thought it may have been AOD so i uninstalled it and nothing. I checked my bios and nothing.
Im using a phenom ii x4 840 and is oc to 3.8
Its been oc this high for a while now so i dont see the overclocking having to do with the problem. And when ever i open core temp now it says it will shutdown my system because it thinks my temp is at 75c.
Can somebody please help
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    My guess is you have Cool n Quiet enabled, this fluctuates the CPU speed based on load. So if the CPU is practically at idle it will lower itself for power and heat purposes. Is Cool n Quiet disabled?

    As for the temp problem you might want to make sure your cooler is on correctly. I hope your using an aftermarket cooler as well, because using stock at 3.8GHz would probably be the reason the temps are so high.
  2. Yes I agree It's Because Of TurboCore But i Dont think Tht this Cud be The Problem Of running Slow of Your System As per U mentioned tht when u was running 12 application it was get ur system slow tht might be becoz of ur system memory usage goes near to its limit.For eg if system memory is 12gig and applications consuming like 11gig or nearly to 12 gig of usage then might be ur system run slow or may be becoz of heating.Sometimes when my system's memory usage goes nearly to 16gig even I experience sm laggness in operating
  3. OP have you fixed your other problem that you posted on here:
  4. 12thmonkey i was able to switch to ahci from ide by doing a registry edit. I dont seem to be getting that many program not responding errors anymore so that has helped a lot so thanks heaps for that. :D
    For my cooler i dont think there is any way that it could be running at 75c because i use a water cooler and iv checked to see if it is attached correctly. I have pumped the voltage pretty high and iv only reached 40 to nearly 50 and when it gets that hot i can feel that the tubes can be a lot warmer than usual, but the tubes a cold so it might be the program i think. Im not sure how to fix it but i might just reinstall the program or it could just have something to do with cool n quiet because it happened at the same time as i discovered that my cpu clock kept changing.
    As for cool n quiet haha i have no idea how to disable it. haha ill try to find how to disable it and ill post back to say if its worked.

    thanks for your help gyz :D
  5. Ok im not sure if this is the same as cool n quiet but in my bios i disabled thermal control. Im not sure if they are the same thing but if i do disable it my pc wont boot and if im in the bios for more than 20 seconds my computer turns off like somebody has pulled the plug. Iv fixed it now by quickly selecting enable and doing a system restore.

    Is thermal control like cool n quiet or is it something els?
  6. CoolNQuiet = DISABLE
    Thermal Throttle = DISABLE

    Check All your Temps, CoreTemp doesnt usually Lie, so Check your Fans and heatsink.
    If you are at 75^C under load, then the CPU will Throttle to protect itself, Disabling the Above will stop it, but you'll damage your CPU.
  7. Ok gyz, i have found out what the problem is and why my pc kept shutting down. Core temp was correct that me cpu temp was 74c... I had noticed that my water pump had been very very quiet recently... or maybe it just wasn't on? It had become unplugged somehow. The molex connector was plugged an but the pins had slipped out and they weren't connected properly. So iv just pretty much been cooking my cpu and im pretty concerned because the bios said it was 100 f*cking degrees c. But my system seems to be running fine now and ill do some testing later today to make sure its all good. Ill try disabling thermal control now.
  8. OK everything is good now and my clock doesnt keep jumping from3.8 to .9 and back.
    Thanks everyone for your replys! :D you have all been really helpful and have pretty much stopped me from turning my cpu to charcoal! :D
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  10. jumping from 3.8 to a lower va;ue is normally ok. it only does it when its not busy.
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