Need Advice on WHEN to build new gaming rig

Okay so i have 1,000,000 dollars to spend on a gaming computer. :o

No not really but here's the deal right now I'm running this platform that i built a year ago.

(skip down to the bottom if you want to just give quick advice based on what I will be doing )

Corsair TX750W
CM HAF 922
Asus m4a785-m (5 phase power i think)
Nvidia gtx460 768MB
AMD Phenom II x3 720 unlocked to x4 & OC'd: CPU-Z renamed it to "Phenom 00 TWKR" @ 3.92GHZ
coolermastter hyper 212+ w/ artic cooling f12 push/pull setup
Lapped CPU/heatsink "tunique Tx3" thermal paste (best in the world)
Coolermaster fans with custom RGB slow color change led mod and a bunch of other bling
4GB DDR2 1066 OZC Reaper (cant fit anymore cuz the friggin 212+ is in the way)
Windowed AC unit for game room blowing into the side case fans (LOL)
40GB OCZ Agility II SSD
300GB WD Velociraptor 10kRPM HDD
300GB WD Scorpio 7200 RPM HDD x2 in raid (i think 5, the one that writes data twice)
1.5TB WD Caviar green 5200 RPM HDD
Asus Xonar DG 5.1 (headphone gaming)
This setup is actually for my father, used mostly for flght simulators and a few games like BF3 COD ETC..,

Unfortunately It still blows compared to what a 1000$ intel i7 and a 6990 will do. :bounce:

SO whats the point?

Well I built this computer last year (a few parts 6 months ago, and the overclock was a years worth of prime95 runs) TO BE FUTURE PROOF!! LOL :ange:

except now it just sucks ass, and I need a another "future proof" computer

So im buying a rosewill Thor v2 case and Im putting the setup in that case and keeping it for myself to replace my AMD 7759 BE x2 unlocked to x4 OC @ 2.91 GHZ and a 9800GX2 (that i found in a puddle of water in a pickup truck filled with scrap metal thats been baked [and re-baked] in the oven more times than the amount of holocaust victims.) :non:

So that leaves the HAF Case to be filled up with parts (I have a PCP&P 850W PSU already for my new machine) I love AMD but I dont think a bulldozer will give me the improvement im looking for:

I Need to a setup (minus case and psu) that will be able to play the new upcoming "Microsoft Flight" as well as Bf3 and any other heavy duty ultra realistic game, even FSX w/ GEX,REX,FS_GLOBAL Add-ons, The current AM3/gtx460 machine gets like 12fps FTL. :pfff:

Its December 2011. :hello:

Seeing as an AMD machine will be to slow. Im guessing I should go with a core i5 2500k

However I want this to be future proof, and Q1 2012 is the release of ATI 7xxx series and X79 Chipset from intel as well as the new Sandy bridge E platforms.

I thought about gettting an msi gd55 g3 board or a gd56 g3 (gen 3) or asrock extreme 4 gen3 board that support pci-e x8 dual and have a minimal of 8 phases for AC current choke.

Im pissed I couldn't make it into the 4GHZ club but i was running on air and i will most definaetly be running liquid cooling this time, possibly custom (I don't mind fabricating anything.)

Heres a list of what I will be doing: :pt1cable:

27" LED Monitor + 2x 21" Led monitors in portrait mode on each side of the 27" (too bad they dont make a 27/28 1920x1200 LED monitor/tv)

>5ghz OC on cpu

Bitcoin Mining (when not in use)

HD video editing: Mostly just rendering final projects in Premier cs5 - editing elsewhere

Flight simulators set at max settings 32xAA transparent ansitropic filtering at highest levels, extremely far draw distance, all animations and textures are the same on the horizon as in front of you. Possibly moving up to higher than 1080p gaming in the future ( I want ONE high end GPU right now)

Newer high end games on ultra (BF3 COD:MW3 GTAIV DIRT3)


I dont want to spend more than ~220$ on any individual part - unless its crucial to making the computer "future proof"

So should I just wait a few more months and go x79? It seems like p67 is archaic and z68... well i dunno....

I had a z68 system planned out but im not sure now if I should wait for all the new stuff coming out.

Heres a quick z68 setup I put together :sleep:

Mobo: MSI z68 gd55 (g3) or gd56 (g3) / Asrock extreme3/extreme4 gen3

CPU: Core i5 2500k

Cooling: Corsair h80 water cooling.

GFX: MSI Twin Frozr II/III 6950 2gb unlocked to 6970 - you can unlock ANY card given the right know-how, even the:

Gigabyte GV 6950 1GB OC (you got to modify a pcb chip lol) <--- cheaper for CF

Storage: OCZ vertex 100GB SSD or should i use intels SSD/hdd caching and use a 300GB 10kRPM with a partition of an ssd or the 40GB Agility II currently in the machine?

Case: HAF 922 w/ PCP&P 850W PSU <----- already have

RAM: DDR3 is so cheap and almost equal. So 8GB or 16GB of DDR3 1600 CL8


So what do you think? I could definately spend a little more on the CPU, but the gen3 boards are supposed to take sandy bridge-E for future upgrade or is this incorrect?

The 220$ price limit on every part is flexible to a degree (I find really good deals)

LET ME KNOW WHAT YA'LL think I should do. X79 vs z68; ATI 6xxx series vs ATI 7xxxx series (SINGLE CARD PREFERRED)

Core i7 or i5? whats up with LGA2011 Core i5?

ECS has an x79 chipset coming out for cheap but i dunno I thought ECS stood for extremely cheap sh*t

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  1. Just get a i5-2500k and z68 motherboard. Get a 7970 i guess.
  2. The current LGA 1155 core i5 is that good huh? Hmm I'll wait for a few more replies and then probably end up pulling the trigger on one then with a gen3 z68 board. Gotta act fast though, its cyber Monday and I buy pretty much anything if its a good enough deal to at least resell for profit, gotta love a 7k credit limit by the age of 24. (Stupid american banks; bitcoin is the future!)

    Is directx 12 coming out with the new ati gfx cards? I hope not another generation of 11, or like they did with dx 10.1 and go 11.1c or some bullshiet. I'm sure they will be uberl33t either way...
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    Bitcoin is already dead my friend. Yeah, i5-2500k is really good. Look at Tom's recommended. i5-2500k is on top of the list.
  4. really i just read all about it (bitcoin) in maximum pc mag. well it was a good idea :bounce:

    damn like i just missed out on some really good newegg deals 200 shipped for a 2500k and 99 for the rosewill thor v2 and 114 for the extreme3 gen3 asrock z68
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