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Upgrade from 450 DiCU TOP

currently I have an asus GTS450 TOP edition GPU installed in my system. I want to make BF3 playable on my PC as Ive upgraded my LCD to 27" 1920x1080. And 450 surely doesn't handle such resolution very good (especially in case of BF3 :D). So anyone suggest me whether I go for 560 or 6850. 570 is not an option for me. (too expensive)
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  1. GTX 560Ti/HD 6950 are 2 of your best choices
  2. Maziar said:
    GTX 560Ti/HD 6950 are 2 of your best choices

    560Ti & 6950 1GB both stock??? Here GTX560 has equal price to 6950. And 560Ti is more expensive than both 560 & 6950. In this case should I choose 6950 1GB or 560 (stock) ???
    Anyways thanks for your reply.
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    Go with 6950 then,it's faster than 560
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