FPS drops for some reason. HELP

I have an 8400 gs and ive always played counter strike source fine 60 fps with a minimum of 50 but now for some reason in some certain areas it drops to like 40 and 30. This has never happened before i know this video card sucks for games but why is it dropping now? Also the computer im using is brand new and built it myself about 2 months old. Is it my gpu thats the issue or my cpu or something else. I have a phenom 965, 4 gigs of ram, and a gigabyte GA 970A ud3 motherboard.
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  1. what kind of update have you taken? If you know, you might be able to roll them back
  2. i never updated my video card driver im using the driver installed from the cd it comes with because of other issues i have with the other drivers. and the other drivers ive recently updated were my audio drivers. So i dont know could it be this video card is dying out?
  3. what kind of gpu you have
  4. It says i have a galaxy 8400gs.
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