Upgrading Graphics Card With Slimline

Hi guys, to start this off I am new to this forums and hoping to provide some help and learn new things..

So basically my budget is $125 for a PSU and a graphics card to suit me well =).

My current specs are
AMD Athlon x2 7750 Black-Edition
Nvidia GeForce 6150se
Windows 7 Ultimate
220W Power Supply Unit
Additonal Information At

I am looking for a decent graphics card that has HDMI out to watch movies with my 42" TV and be able to play games such as Black Ops and Dirt 3 on at least medium 40+ FPS.

Preferably the HD 5570

I currently only have a 220W PSU but would like to upgrade that, my PSU is a TFX. The dimensions to fit my case is 3.50" (W) x 7" (L) x 3 (H).

I did find this PSU that looked good

But if you can find a better PSU then have at it.

Any suggestions I am open to and will reply fast as I will get an email as soon as you guys reply :D.

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  1. Well let me just rephrase this

    Can I run a Radeon 5570 on a 300W SeaSonic PSU? I have a HP Slimline S5120f.

    -Graphics card

    -Power Supply

    I have read very good on this PSU such as it is the best TFX PSU out there right now. Another website tested the power supply and found out that it can run up to 350+W on an overload test.


    Nominal labeled power: 300 W.
    Measured maximum power: 362.8 W at 42.4º C.

  2. A 5570 will run just fine on that power supply. You could even run a 5670 on that 300 Watt PSU. Low profile versions of the 5670 do exist if you want a little more graphical horsepower.
  3. You think I will have overheating problems if I do this?

    My computer usually runs 35C with light browsing and on PCMark 7 it'll get to maybe 40C.

  4. Those are pretty good temperatures, nothing to worry about there. I don't think heat will be a huge issue, none of the cards you can fit in your case run that hot.
  5. Alright I'll probably buy the PSU and either the 5570 or 5670 (That things expensive!) on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    And lastly do you believe I will need any aditional plugs for the power supply? I just have a fully stock s5120f.

    That's the motherboard I have.

    And there's the picture showing the plugs for the PSU (I am not good with plugs so can't identify them on my own.)

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    You don't need any extra connectors for the power supply, not unless you have more than 2 SATA devices, then you may need molex to SATA adapters for that. Neither the 5570 or 5670 need an extra power connector, so that's not an issue. That PSU will be fine for your system.
  7. Thanks so much for your quick replies and straight forward answers.

    I will order soon and will post an update of what I bought and how it went.

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