Bad ram?

ok so i built a new gaming rig and i have gotten numerous bsod so im doing a memtest now and i already have (edit) 7 errors does this mean i have to get new ram or is this a problem with my cpu or mobo. thanks

also how many passes are recommended
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  1. Have you tried resetting the bios settings, manually setting the values, enabled XMP?
  2. 24 hours or until an error is reported, whichever comes first.

    What memory do you have? Samsung is the safest choice.
  3. Xttony said:
    Have you tried resetting the bios settings, manually setting the values, enabled XMP?

    i never touched the bios settings or overclocked so is it already at defult?
  4. Have you got bsods from the beginning?
    Did you check if all the parts are compatible with each other before installing?
  5. yea they were all compatible ill tell you my specs

    asus m5197
    patriot 4GBx2 ram
    amd fx-6100
    Radeon 6770
    seagate 500gb hard drive

    ok i tested both ram and they both got errors is it a faulty mobo or just bad luck with ram
  6. There can be many things, although a faulty motherboard will be the last reason because a lot of people have this problem.
    Try to Put the cards in slot 2 and 4. First, one at a time then both.
    Manually set the ram cards specs in bios.
    First try to reset the bios settings.
  7. um how do you do that i looked it up for my mobo but kind find out how

    asus m5a97
  8. my ram needs 1.5v and its set at 1.5v
  9. You need to put the ram cards in the blue coloured slots.
    Lastly increase the ram timings to something like 11-11-11-30
  10. how do i do that, i never overclocked before. i tried looking for a tutorial but couldn't find one, what category in the bios is it.

    oh and i tested my other ram and it go an error also
  11. Actually increasing the ram timings is underclocking.
    So you are saying that you plugged in a different ram set and the problem persisted.
  12. i have

    so i tested one ram at a time in the same slot and they both have gotten an error
  13. Here in the specs it says that the ram needs 1.65 volts
  14. it is supposed to be at 9-9-9-24 so should i check my bios to see if its at that
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    Timings don't cause as much crashes as improper voltage settings.
    So set the voltage first, then the frequency and then the timings.
  16. well i did something and now my pc wont start im gonna take it to an expert to fix. i should of done this from the start seeing that i have never touched a computer before. so im just gonna sell this custom built one and buy one with a warranty thanks for your help
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