Sudden terrible downstream speed

My ADSL plan from Telstra used to (being the last year) yield a solid 6Mbits downsteam via WiFi, however yesterday and today i'm barely getting over .50Mbits per second. The strange thing is the upstream speed is still the same, around .25... I've tested the net both through WiFi and an ethernet cable, both deliver the same dismal speeds.

My router is the Thompson TG782T.

I don't think anyone is leeching off the WiFi as the usage meter hasn't been abnormally high at all, it hasn't gone over 1Gb today, and the slow speed has been consistant. I also doubt i have any viruses or spyware, i've ran ad-aware and CCleaner to clean anything up, windows and game boot times are still quick.

Basically all i've done is made sure all the connections were tight, reset the router multiple times, repaired/dianosed the connection and now i'm all out of ideas.

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  1. Can you run a traceroute and post a screenie please? :)
  2. Sorry, i'm new to diagnosing problems...

    I know how to run the tracert, but what ip should i be connecting or searching for. :(

    Here is a one to anyway.
  3. Your latencies are high at two points: Your router and your ISP. If you're using Wifi, this latency is a little high but acceptable. Run a speedtest from a wired connection and see what you get.

    You should be provided a link to post in a forum after the test is done.

    Also, don't worry about "being dumb". If you were frustrating me I wouldn't post :P
  4. Wired:


    WiFi speed was taken with the router antenna and the D-Link Airplus G DWL-G510 about 10cm apart.
  5. Ah, fixed it. I switched the D-Link antenna with a Netgear one and now it works perfectly again :) thanks for the help, PsychoTeddy.
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