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Looking for new PSU

I am upgrading my HTPC. I currently have an Antec New Solution NSK2480 case with the stock 80 PLUS Certified EarthWatts 380 Watts ATX12Vv2.2 power supply. I currently have a GeForce GTX 460 which is supposed to have at least 450W of power. I haven't noticed any failures at 380W, but since I am upgrading I thought I'd also address the PSU. I am upgrading the MB to an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe with an OCZ Vortex 3 60GB SSD. For just using this box as a straight HTPC, no gaming. Which is the best 450-550W Power Supply? I'd prefer it to be as quiet as possible. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Sam, what processor do you have? You need a socket 1155 second gen core processor to be able to use that board.

    Either way, for a HTPC, all you'll ever need is a $50 board. Not an uber-expensive $200 board :ouch:

    Please post back with your CPU model. Also, the GTX 460 is a humongous overkill for an HTPC. It was a fairly high-ish end gaming GPU when it was released and it's still plenty good for most games. You could have easily saved ~$200 on the card itself without even noticing an iota of performance difference.
  2. i3-2100
  3. another thing that makes me nervous about that video card is that it is technically taller than my case. The top of the case will slide in over the top of it, but it is resting on the case lid.....OK??
  4. Changing the board and adding an SSD won't increase the power draw. If you've been fine with the 380W so far, you'll continue to do so.

    You're ok btw because the 380W Antec can output nearly all its power on the 12V rails. Assuming a 100W CPU and 50W for the rest of the system, that leave 230W for he GPU. The GTX460 doesn't use that much power so your fine.
  5. great news! one less thing to buy!
  6. I am noticing a slight flicker on my screen in the upper left corner. When I switch to TV the flicker disappears. Not sure what is causing this on the HTPC side. This is still pre-upgrade. That was one reason I was thinking it might be the PSU/graphic card
  7. First thing first - Your CPU cannot be overclocked. So the P67 board is not meant for you.

    Mobo: $40 (After rebate) MSI H67MS-E23 (B3)

    Adding a second drive will technically increase the power draw, but if 4745 is sure 'bout what he's saying, then you may be alright, but I won't advise anybody to get a PSU rated under the manufacturer's recommendation on a public forum. With the money you'll be saving on the board, you should be getting a 450-500 watt PSU anyways - $27 (After rebate - for today only) Corsair CX-500 - Can't believe the deal on that one. I'll get it just for the heck of it :P

    EDIT: As for the flicker, sounds like it might be the monitor. Completely power down your PC. Let it cool down for a few hours at least before powering it back on. May be it will go away once you do this a couple of times. Happened to our TV a few months back. Had to go through the on/off routine a few times. Working perfectly fine ever since.
  8. samhfoley said:
    another thing that makes me nervous about that video card is that it is technically taller than my case. The top of the case will slide in over the top of it, but it is resting on the case lid.....OK??
    As long as there is no pressure on the card itself - and by extension on the board's PCIe slot - you'll be alright.

    But really, those cases are not meant for these bigger high powered gfx cards like the GTX 460 anyways. They are mostly used for HTPC's and general usage PC's with integrated video - which can be of extremely high quality these days - or cheaper basic video cards.
  9. Already bought the MB and CPU unfortunately. Are you saying they are incompatible? Overkill? All of the above? Another unfortunate thing is that I live in Japan and all these shops never do trade-ins or send backs. So Either I am stuck with this pairing or if need be I have to try and sell it off on an auction site. I hope it's really not all that bad. I liked the look of the MB.
  10. Not incompatible, but just MASSIVE overkill. It will work just fine. But you could have gotten the same thing at a much, much cheaper price from high quality vendors.

    You can try to sell off the board if you get close to the price that you paid and get yourself a H67 board. Only do it if you think you'll be able to save some money that way. Else keep your board.

    You can actually get a mobo from Intel itself. They make very reliable boards. Not very feature filled, but highly reliable none the same - Intel DH67BL

    On the other hand, you can get yourself a pretty good gaming rig if you're into gaming. That GTX 460 is wasting away inside that HTPC. It just desperately needs to be revved up :D
  11. The DH67BL board is :¥11,980 in Japan whereas I paid ¥16,800 for the P8P67 Deluxe. So for a difference of ¥4820, of which I doubt I'd be able to recover all of it, I can live with the board I have. I'll get a cheaper board next time around. I was intrigued by the speedy start-up time of a new EFI BIOS coupled with an SSD drive.

    SO back to the original question of PSU, go with the Corsair CX-500? I do not see that listed in Japan, I see the CMPSU-650TXV2JP at ¥7,950, but that is a bit much. How about these

    EarthWatts EA-650 Green ¥5,799
  12. Your 380 watt unit is working mostly because the GTX 460 is not being stressed as you're not gaming. But since it is working anyways, I don't see the reason to go from that to a 450 watt unit. The 650Watt unit will again be overkill. And the Earthwatts PSU's don't come with all the requisite connectors (being green and all).

    See if you can get the Antec Neo 520 or the Seasonic S12II 520. Both are high quality PSU's. The Antec would be a tad cheaper.
  13. Seasonic is ¥8,950
    Don't see Antec Neo 520 I see HCG-520 for ¥8,980 though
  14. earthwatts green PSU is only missing a power cable right? I have one of I wrong there?
  15. Best answer

    Adding an SSD shouldn't kill your PSU because like ram, the power draw is in the 2-4W area. If adding an SSD kills your PSU, you had bigger issues then you realized. Silverstone does have some good PSUs, but I'm not that familiar with them. Of the ones you listed I'd take the Antec, but as I said before you don't need to upgrade the PSU.
  16. samhfoley said:
    earthwatts green PSU is only missing a power cable right? I have one of I wrong there?
    You can always get the Earthwatts if you want to. If you are missing the requisite cables, you can always pop into the local store and get it anyways. Costs a dollar or two.
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  18. I think I am going to hold off on buying a PSU until I see concrete evidence that I need it. Right now I think things are working well enough to hold off. Thanks you everyone for your help!
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