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I have recently bought a zotac geforce 560ti AMP! for my PC and its been great, but due to having a pants processor and
ram and mobo ect. Ive decided to upgrade my entire PC. The new PC ive bought comes with a CCL Choice NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 1536MB Graphics Card. What id like to know is what card is better - becouse on a comparison of specs the 560ti looks slighty

Here are links to the items;



Many Thanks

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  1. -ken- said:

    The GTX 560 Ti only beats the GTX 580 in power usage and possibly noise.

    If you are gaming at 1080p or above the GTX 580 will give you the best gaming experience by far.
  2. -ken- said:

    uh...not so much. I couldn't find many head to head benchmarks between those two cards, but the ones I did find heavily favored the 580.

    Unless I'm missing something. It would be strange if the 560 ti were the superior card for a significantly lower price.
  3. The GTX 580 is, and ALWAYS will be better than a SINGLE GTX 560 Ti.

    Its also better than an AMD 6970, and A GTX 570.

    However if you were to install 2 GTX 560 Ti in SLI they would beat a GTX 580.
  4. The number itself is self explanatory. 560 is lower than 580. In fact, there's even a 570 hidden in there. So throw whatever alphabetical nomenclature after the 560 all you want; call it the 560GOD, it's still a lesser card than the 580. So in what way were you confused? Is there criteria that I missed? If you want the smallest card, th 560ti is your winner, least power: still the 560ti. Gaming: not the 560ti.
  5. I was confused becouse my 560ti is overclocked and some of the clock speeds are way above the 580s.
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