HELP!!!Torn between graphics cards...


i5-2500k-not oc'd
Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe MOBO
4 X 4g. Corsair 1600 Mhz Vengeance ram-not oc'd
EVGA GTX 460 SC- oc'd to 900 core clock
WD 1 TB black cavier HD
Lite-on DVD-RW
Corsair TX 650 PSU
Coolermaster storm sniper Mid tower case
42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD 1080p

I'm torn between getting another GTX 460 or upgrading to a single GTX 500 series card with SLI in the future. I like the 570 classified and i think thats about my price point at around the $250 - $350. My other thought is get the GTX 460 for now and wait for the 600 series graphics cards. How does 2 gtx 460 SC stack up against 1 gtx 560ti or 1 gtx 570 classified. I would like to play SWTOR, BF3 and witcher 2 on high or ultra settings running 60 FPS. Thanks
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  1. Or would two gtx 560ti's be enough to run most games on high or ultra at 60 FPS...It would save me about $200 going that route and much more getting the gtx 460 but I also don't want my graphics compromised too much by my budget...sooo, confused :pt1cable:But, I could also use the money saved on the 560's to get a new PSU which would be the corsair AX850. :D Please help!
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  3. I prefer the factory OC'd 560's (900 MHz) with the oversized coolers; in my experience easy to get them to 1000MHz.....and save ya 460 for a dedicated PhysX card. I'd also bump up the MoBo choice for an extra $20 and get the WS Revolution w/ NF200 chip which will do those SLI'd 560's at x16 x16

    I'd drop to 2 x 4GB and make sure it's not the tall Vengeance w/ the silly heat sinks that interfere w/ CPU coolers.
  4. From the way you write, I take it this is a build you already have, and am just considering upgrading your GPU.
    If that is the case, personally, I would get another GTX 460 for SLI and looking to upgrade again after the 600 series is released, and you can compare those against AMDs 7000 series and see if any of these newer cards make a worthwhile upgrade.
  5. I think i'll just get another 460 and save for the 600 series when it comes out....thanks for your you think the corsair ax850 is suffieicient for a SLI config for the 460's and possibly sli 600's in the future
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  7. For SLI GTX 460 it is more than enough, for the 600 series, most likely, as it can power SLI (2) GTX 580, but we know nothing of the 600 series.
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