Seasonic X760 vs Corsair AX850

Hey everyone, just wondering if someone could recommend one of these over the other? theyre approximately the same price, and from what I can see the AX850 has a longer warranty, and 90 extra watts, dont know about the difference in quality of cables between the two. Due to the price difference, the Seasonic+accessories would be better quality, right? I know the AX is a rebranded seasonic, so bit confused about the price difference. Ive just had a refund for an AX850 that arrived screaming under any load, and am RMA'ing a HX520 for a busted capacitor so a bit wary of getting another Corsair. I am willing to allow for just random chance and get another if the majority think its better though. The max it will be used with would be ivybridge/kepler versions of the below:

i7-2600K OC @4.5
2x570 in SLI
16Gb ram
3x7200rpm HDD
Xonar STX

Obviousliy noone knows how they will perform just yet, but just suggest as if they were these components please, should be close enough =). Priorities are quiet first, efficiency second, though both are important. Any other suggestions are welcome, and Im willing to look at platinum efficiency versions. After having the cap blow on the HX520, I just REALLY want a good PSU.

Thanks in advance everyone, looking forwards to the suggestions =)
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  1. Neither may be enough with that many drives, an overclock, and SLI. Check out this site and plug in what you intend to do and it will make recommendations.
  2. well you already know ax850 is rebranded seasonic unit.for same price tag go with ax.what's your max budget?maybe we can suggest you better! ;)
  3. holy crap I love these forums lol, such fast/nice replies xD

    Max budget would be around £200, but it would have to be worth it :P. If theres a really awesome one for a bit more Im not going to complain.

    Thanks for the review suggestions as well, they were what originally made me choose the AX850 in fact :D. Its just that this is the second Corsair PSU thats given me trouble, so was wondering if its a fluke or if there were some better ones out there...Corsair has a reputation (afaik) for having great PSU's, and by extension so does Seasonic, so I dont really know what Im doing wrong.

    Also what wattage would you suggest?
  4. That Corsair AX 850 is enough. This is from Nvidia take a look at the PSU's
  5. Apparently this will be news to some of you so pay attention. A corsair PSU made by Seasonic isn't necessarily identical to the similar Seasonic PSU. It's a common practice in all industries for large manufacturers to "private label" products to customers made to that customer's specification. PSUs are a perfect example of widely diverse quality levels because they look so similar externally. There's really no way for an average buyer to judge the quality of the design or the quality level of the components inside. I believe the assumptions being made in this thread to be misleading unless the posters have specific knowledge of the inner workings of the PSUs being discussed, which I doubt.
  6. catatafish said:
    Neither may be enough with that many drives, an overclock, and SLI. Check out this site and plug in what you intend to do and it will make recommendations.

    From my experience, the AX850 should easily be enough for this rig. I ran 2 580s @ stock with an i7 930 overclocked to 4.2 GHz for a long time and never had any problems.

    Shown here is the power consumption for an x58 system overclocked. 719 watts is the total from the wall AC. So DC is proble more like 650 Watts prom the PSU, well within the 840 Watt limit of the 12V rail on the AX 850. I know these are 580s but this would accurately simulate a scenario of slightly overclocking the GPUs.
  7. awesome everyone, thanks for the help & suggestions! also thanks for that tidbit ram, i didnt know that. could you elaborate a bit on how they would differ, if the base unit is the same?

    Im tempted to go for the Seasonic P-1000, but its massive overkill and unfortunately ridiculously expensive here in england vs the us for some reason (not sure if newegg prices show vat though), anyone know why? The platinum efficiency quite appeals to me...

    Could someone recommend a good alternative to the Corsair AX850 at around the same price & quality? Just a bit hesitant going for another after having two pack up on me. Revised price limit is £150, whats the best PSU I could get for that?
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