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Hi guys i need a little help over here.. I have recently bought Core i5 3570K, Intel DB75EN motherboard with corsair vengeance 2*2GB RAM 1600Mhz 1.5v. I am using cooler master 500watt PSU no graphics card. Now the problem is that whenever i run my PC it boots up with single beep without any video and restarts after 30secs and then boots up again automatically without any problem to the desktop. Now i cant understand whats wrong with it , i also tried to use Kingston ram 2GB 1333Mhz 1.5v just for checking if my Corsair RAM is having any some problem but still the problem persisted. Any ideas whats going on please help... Thanks
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  1. Have you overlocked your system?
    Did you change anything in the bios?
    Did you configure the ram settings or did you enable XMP.
    Set your initial display device to your onboard graphics if not already set.
  2. Thanks for your kind reply
    No i haven't overclocked it
    Also i made no changes in bios neither did i configured RAM settings or enabled XMP
    and display device is already set
  3. Configure the ram settings to the specified values. If you don't know how to do it, enable XMP.
  4. I configured the RAM to its value but still no change.. its still the same..
  5. Remove the CMOS battery short the terminals (this will reset your bios settings) and start the computer with the CMOS battery removed after 30mins to 1hour. If that works put the battery back.
  6. thanks again for reply i have tried as you directed me but still problem persists. I noticed one more thing that my PSU is giving +11.9v instead of +12v rail, can that be an issue.
  7. 11.9 volts is not a problem.
    It is quite possible that one of your device is failing or not working properly.
    Set the boot priority to hard drive 1st priority.
    Remove he odd power cable and remove any other hdd power cable.
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