Gigabyte A75M-D2H Update Problem

I have a Gigabyte A75M-D2H mother board and I tried updating my Bios and now my computer is stuck on Loading Operating System.

This is the first computer (Home Theater PC) that I have built and I have SSD that is only used for my operating system (Windows 7). My computer was been working smoothly for 10 months but in the last month I have been getting the "Blue Screen of Death" after being powered for an hour and decided to update the Bios to see if it would help.

I followed this video to update my Bios and since then my OS will not load.

I used the Q-flash and updated the Bios with a thumb drive with a file I got here:

After it updated I changed the OnChip SATA Type back to AHCI and the OnChip SATA Port 4/5 Type back to As SATA Type. Every other setting seemed to remain the same.

Any suggestions on something I'm missing?
And if it came down to reinstalling my OS I should lose anything on my internal HD that I store everything on right? It should only restore the SSD I have for my OS?
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  1. I figured it out. Just a simple stupid mistake. I left the thumb drive in after I updated and and I guess it was trying to load the OS from the thumb drive plugged in. Simply took it out and it started right up.

    However updating the bios did not fix my original problem. After an hour my computer still gets the Blue Screen of Death. I do not have a virus so it must be a hardware issue. Maybe the memory is bad? Or a power issue?
  2. what your bsod error code?
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