ASROCK H61M-DGS video errors

So I recently purchased a new Motherboard (See thread title), CPU (Intel i5 3350P), 8GB of Samsung 1600mhz DDR3 Ram, and kept everything else from my previous build (ModX 600 Watt PSU, Asus made case, and a stock {straight from the nvidia factory} GTX 480.)

My board's current problem are as follows: no video output. Why? Though I cannot find evidence to this effect, I believe that by default the motherboard displays using the integrated video card. This would be fine if I had access to the BIOS, as I could change it. No problem right? Wrong. The CPU I purchased does not have integrated graphics, as I assumed that my GTX 480 would be more than enough to get this thing off the ground, however, video refuses to display, despite the CPU, GPU, HDD, and CD Reader receiving power and booting on system power up.

My question would be: Is there a way to change this without access to the BIOS?

I would really like to avoid burning away $50 on a CPU of the same type with integrated graphics just to make a much better dedicated GPU work, which should have just been plug and play. Any advice is appreciated.
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  1. It could be that the BIOS version does not support the CPU (it requires the P1.40 or newer) .
    There should be a sticker on the motherboard specifying the BIOS version.
    The discrete graphics card should work, with default settings in BIOS.
  2. Check if on board VGA is giving video output or not if yes update the bios but make sure to default your bios settings
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