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Anyway just some tips needed on this system i'm building :

i3 2400 Sandy Bridge
Cooler Master Gx 750W
P8Z68-M PRO Z68 (LGA1155)
HIS Ati Radeon HD 5770 1 Gb DDR5
KINGSTON DDR3 4GB-1333 x 2

Ok first thing , will the motherboard support processor ? is their a cheaper alternative for the z68 motherboard that would support all the other components ? is 750w enough ? would the coolermaster gx600w be ok ?

any feedback would be much appreciated :D
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  1. Plenty of cheaper motherboards to choose from.
    A quality 450W power supply will run your specs.
    Stay away from CM GX units = not very good.
    What's your psu budget?
  2. psu till $60 would be good though i can buy till $100
  3. Quality 650W semi-modular unit..good price
    Antec Truepower New 650W Modular
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