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I built my first rig almost a year ago (last January) with AsRock Z68 Pro3 motherboard and i7 2600K CPU and it worked (surprisingly) smoothly right from the start.

Last night it suddenly jammed and wouldn't turn on, at least not send any signal to either of my 2 monitors on VGA nor HDMI. It did show that power was running through just fine, though, lighting the power LED up, when pressing the power button.

So I opened it to first blow the dust out with compressed air and tried again: no change. So I started to actually dig around and took out the cooler (which always felt weirdly loose, ThermalRight True Spirit) to change the thermal paste.

As I removed the processor from the socket to wipe the old paste off, I noticed that every, each, one of the socket's pins were bent.

After googling a bit about the problem I read that they can be straightened out and it can still work, so I got to work and 1,5 hours later I thought they were pretty well straightened after triple-checking every row. My neck and back still hurt.

But anyways, I put the PC back together (with the new thermal paste, too) and tried to turn it on, but this time the power LED wouldn't even light up. After triple-checking all the connections I'm all out of ideas. Is my MB dead? And the state of the processor causes me some burden as well.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Oh, forgot to say that the cooler felt like it sat down much tighter to the processor after straightening the pins, which would imply that I messed up the pins back when I was putting the PC together a year ago, but how would it work just fine all this time and start messing around now?
  2. All socket pins should be bent in a particular way. Something like this:
    This is normal.

    If you straigtened them all as in without curves or even upright, then you can throw away the motherboard and start building your second rig...
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