Naga epic or r.a.t. 7

am getting a mouse for my bro for his b-day so was wondering if i should get the razer naga epic or the cyborg r.a.t. 7 mouse
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  1. also am looking for some headphones for self so far i want the creative labs sound blaster tactic3d wrath wireless
  2. I got these -> - they have much better sound quality and you can buy a $8 clip-on mic from amazon as well that will be better than the attached boom mic.

    Watch the reviews on youtube of the Aurvana, pretty great headphones.
  3. sorry i forgot to post that i want the headphones to be wireless
  4. i also do not like how those headphones look, at least, not not compared to the tactic3d wrath ones. and i would still like to know which mouse is better
  5. well if you're looking for headphones where the looks are more important, look at these ->

    and then get an attachable mic if you want.

    Also, the razer naga is a good little mouse from what I've heard and razr makes good mice.

    In the electronics business, sometimes it's better to go for a company that is known for it's particular line of products as of being of high quality as opposed to what looks best. The reviews on the naga are better as well but that is more subjective.

    There are lots of good forum stickied/closed posts that have all of these answers by the way.
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