Issues with HD 6850

Every time i play a game for about 5 mins i get a blank screen with blue vertical lines here is a picture

This happens quite randomly and i am very fed up with this because i cant play games on my machine i have tried deleting the drivers and installing again, i even brought a new fan for my pc this is not a overheating issue my temps are fine i have even tried disabling the ATi HD audio device still no luck Does anyone know how i can fix this?
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  1. its a Ati HD 6850

    Quad core 3.2 ghz
    4gb ddr3
    720w psu
    gigabyte motherboard

    Idle temp 38-42 'C
    Gaming temp 52-58

    playing battlefield 3
  2. no battlefield 3 is not the only game its happend on Crysis, borderlands battlefield bad company 2
    i am not sure if its the cable or not. I have the latest drivers yes
  3. i saw a baking method i am going to try that next
  4. dont worry i didnt try it just did more research, apparently its the RAM someone also said to upgrade the bios i have so now i will try out bf3 and give you results!
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