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Hello, I've purchased i5 2500k CPU and GTX 570 video card, p67 sabertooth motherboard and my pc works slower then my old pc.
right now while typing this message, The courser lags when I press something it only clicks after certain time, when I type something message doesnt apper right away. Its like im using some single core cpu. Also I sometimes i get a message that my video card driver got messed up then reinstalled, then my whole screen lags, locks up and I cant do anything except manual restart and that doesnt fix problem until I reinstall drivers. BTF3 lags as well. just now I tried to press backspace on keyboard and I pressed it to delete a 4 letter word it took a whole second to see it get deleted. Please help me here. Thank you in advance
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  1. ok, what have you done, from the start, what has been installed. And have you built PC's before, can you send the P67 back and get a Z68.
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    miket11 said:
    Also I sometimes i get a message that my video card driver got messed up then reinstalled

    Not reinstalled, restarted. Windows is definitely NOT reinstalling your video card driver for you. In fact, that's exactly what you need to do to start. There are numerous guides out there for uninstalling and reinstalling your video card drivers, which will do a better job than I can at explaining it. Also, be sure you get the latest drivers from the web, not the ones that came with the card (those are almost always out of date).

    Also, I assume you are not yet overclocking. This kind of behavior is what I'd expect from an unstable overclock (display driver freezing, display not updating, etc.). If you are overclocking, reset to stock before you do anything else.
  3. You might have the wrong driver, graphics on pc's always seem to lag when there isn't the correct driver installed, try to find a specific driver rather than a generic one :) i'll try get a link for you...
  4. this seems the appropriate driver...
  5. It could even be the OS you are using, if you are using vista that might well be the cause, nVidia gpu's and their drivers don't like vista much, i have that problem :/
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